Real Estate Management to Protect Your Investment

Allbren Realty Management specializes in the management of multi-tenant rental residential apartment buildings in the New York City metropolitan area.  

Our team has over thirty years of experience having been involved in the overall management of many residential and commercial properties both in New York City and nationwide.   We provide clients with an unparalleled combination of experience, talent and expertise while providing its residents with dedicated customer service and quality rental housing.  We are based in New York City and specialize in the navigating the maze of the various rules and regulations that make owning property in New York City unique and time consuming.  Our overall philosophy is that we want to maintain and enhance our clients’ assets so that the value is preserved and increased over time.  We believe strongly in preventative maintenance and feel that a well-run building increases tenants’ satisfaction and therefore reduces the chance for problem-tenants, vacancies and expensive eviction proceedings.

Let us work for you
Highly trained professionals providing complete and extensive property management services.